Top 4 Android Games of the April 2016

Action, action, action…and extra action. That key word which makes you feel thrilled and gets your adrenaline high! This is how much addictive mobile games have become actually!

Top 4 Android Games of the April 2016

Some of those genres of fun are movie games. We’re gonna emphasis specifically of the sub-genre of mobile phone games. The Google perform storefront ended up being loaded with a number of wonderful action-themed titles in March 2016. One of those games cities you in a global which is ravaged by large beasts (owned by we), while another one makes you search through the environment to find any products to market. We certainly have a small number of a whole lot more action games to demonstrate one besides those two standout releases.

So browse the top four most useful newer Android action games of March 2016.

Sniper Fury:
A fan of playing as a sniper shooter, strategy based gameplay and being able to attack bases? Then this is your poison! Published and updated by the Gameloft, this game promises an unmatched gameplay and a never-been before first person shooter game. From gameplay to spectacular graphics, you simply can’t find a match for the Sniper Fury. One of the reasons it is the #1 game in our list, is that it is totally free to play. On top of that, an independent developer have released a sniper fury hack too which makes it totally free!

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ U.S. release date Confirmed

Perhaps this will make the wait for Kingdom Hearts III a tad bit more tolerable.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, a mobile video game using the popular collection that combines Disney earths and people with role-playing mechanism and familiar confronts from Square Enix’s closing ideal franchise, may come out in the U.S. on April 7 for iOS and Android instruments, the manager established today. Continue reading “Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ U.S. release date Confirmed”